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Attention University & Seminary Students

You lead an active, busy life. We can help you spend less time doing laundry and more time studying...and living!

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*Gift Certificates Available
Student Semester Discount Laundry Plan 

Two Plans to Choose From (Each plan does NOT include the weeks of Christmas or Spring break.) – discount over our Express Bag Prices of $18.99

            Plan #1 – Laundry done each week - 15 weeks - $250.00 (7% discount)

            Plan #2 – Laundry done every other week – 7 weeks - $120.00 (5% discount)

Each bag holds approximately “2” loads of laundry. This includes: clothing, towels and sheets.

Each Plan includes laundering all items within the provided Laundry bag*, drying, folding, hanging items designated, detergent, fabric softener and bleach/Clorox 2 if desired. All laundry done to YOUR specifications:  choice of detergent, hot-warm-cold water, fabric softener, etc. 

*Comforters, blankets, rugs, sleeping bags and other large items are NOT included in the Plan prices, but can be laundered for an additional charge.   

Hand Pressing Available

  • Upgrade your plan by adding $5.00 to each week to have “FOUR” items of your choice hand pressed.
  • Pay per piece for hand pressing – Gift Certificates available


1.  Customer must be a student or seminary student. 

2.  Laundry must be presented in a Wilmore Laundromat Student laundry bag.

3.  Plan does not include items to be dry cleaned, comforters, blankets, rugs, sleeping bags or curtains/drapes.

4.  Plan of coverage is for one semester.

5.  Plan must be paid in full before services begin - most major credit cards are accepted.

6.  No refund will be issued for any weeks not used during the semester.

7.  Plans can begin during the semester and the rates will be prorated for the remaining weeks in the semester.

8.  Students will have a punch card that will record their visits.  They can bring in the laundry at anytime, but will only be credited with the appropriate number of punches.  The cards will be filed at the Laundromat.

9.  Items not claimed at the end of the semester will be donated to Charity after 30 days.