Commercial Services

Attention Wilmore & Nicholasville Businesses

"Yes We Can!"

 * Retirement Home Guest Bedding - Special Products to Remove Stains. We Specialize in Difficult Laundry Care Needs. Call For Specific Services.

 * Bed & Breakfast / Hotel / Motel - Clean & Sanitize Comforters, Bedding, Quilts, Blankets, Curtains, and Throws. Pick Up Service is available for Resident Dry Cleaning, Pressing, or Laundering.

 * Horse Farms - Horse Blankets & Saddle Pads

 * Churches - Choir Robes, Paraments, Table Cloths, Clergy Robes

 * Banquet or Dining Facility Table Linens - Clean & Sanitize

 * Remove candle wax from table linens

 * Remove wine stains from table linens

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Wilmore, KY  40390
(859) 858-0033
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